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We ship worldwide using Bulgarian Posts, EMS, DPD. Here are listed prices for items under 0.5 kg.

Bulgarian Posts / Deutsche Post

To Europe 6.00 EUR6.45 USDdelivered in 1 week
The rest of the World7.00 EUR7.50 USDdelivered in 2-4 weeks


Shipping 30.00 EUR
32.15 USD
31.50 EUR
33.75 USD
34.00 EUR
36.45 USD
36.00 EUR
38.55 USD
38.50 EUR
41.25 USD
39.00 EUR
41.80 USD
44.00 EUR
47.15 USD
46.00 EUR
49.30 USD
Countries Azerbaijan, Albania, Djibouti, Egypt, India, Jordan, Libyan Jamahiriya, Makedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Sudan, Turkey, Croatia Brazil, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Cuba, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti, Hong Kong, Chile, Japan Belgium, Venezuela, Greece, Ethiopia, Qatar, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Switzerland (Lichtenstein) Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Georgia, Denmark, Italy, China, Kuwait, Latvia, Malta, Peru, Portugal, Russian Federation, Syrian Arab Rep., Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Fiji (incl. the Aland Islands), France Australia, Austria, Algeria, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Yemen, Canada, Norway, Papua New Guinea, United States of America, Tanzania, Finland Netherlands Antilles, Argentina, Botswana, Guatemala, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mozambique, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Bolivia, Germany, Costa Rica, Sweden, South Africa, Pakistan

Delivered in 2-5 days


Shipping 11.50 EUR
12.30 USD
20.50 EUR
21.95 USD
29.00 EUR
31.05 USD
39.00 EUR
41.80 USD
56.00 EUR
60.00 USD
CountriesRomania, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Sweden

Delivered in 5-7 days

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